San Miguel LGU


CLAUDIO C. BONIOR  . . . . . . . . . .  Municipal Mayor

JONATHAN T. REYES . . . . . . . . .    Municipal Vice Mayor


1. Armando A. Branzuela Mun. Councilor
2. Moises A. Nuez Mun. Councilor
3. Manuel T. Gara Mun. Councilor
4. Maria Jubilin F. Tiogangco Mun. Councilor
5. Victor R. Boncales Mun. Councilor
6. Bonifacio A. Patentes Mun. Councilor
7. Rogaciano C. Garay Mun. Councilor
8. Lorenzo A. Boncales Mun. Councilor
9. Fausto Bustillos Pres. Liga ng Mga barangay
10. Pablo Francis Boncales Sk Federated


Municipal Treasurer Mrs. Imelda M. Anuta (OIC)
Municipal Budget officer Mrs. Jovencia B. Boncales
Municipal Accountant Mrs. Hedeliza L. Carcueva
Municipal Assessor Mrs. Virginia Pacomois
Municipal Agricultural Officer Mr. Paulino P. Butal
HRMO – Designate Mrs. Pantaleona Patentes
MSWD Mrs. Manulita O. Silomen
MPDC Engr. Isidra E. Tumale
Municipal Engineer Engr. Fortunato R. Roferos Jr.
Municipal Civil Registrar Mrs. Martiniana C. Nuera
Municipal Health Officer Dr. Delbert Jabone
Municipal Infirmary Administrator Mr. Peter Nuez
SB Secretary Mr. Newell Nuez
MLGOO Mr. Jose Ruel Tumarao
COMELEC Mr. Joseph Torrefiel
BIR Mrs. Elisa G. Getigan
PNP Chief SPO3 Mario C. Balonga
Post Master Mr. German G. Luzon
Tourism Officer Mrs. Analyn E. Lumactod

Town Activities


  • Parent Effectiveness Services
  • Pre-Marriage Counseling
  • Self-Employment Assistance
  • Self-Enhancement
  • Community Participation
  • Issuance of I.D Cards of Senior Citizens
  • Day Care and Supplemental Feeding Services
  • Aid to Individuals in Crisis Situations
  • Productivity Skills Capability Building Referrals
  • Parental/Marriage Counseling
  • Social Preparation for People’s Participation
  • Community Volunteer Resource
  • Community Mobilization
  • Social Welfare Structure Development


Protective Services in San Miguel are limited to the Policeman and the Barangay Tanods. There are no existing private security agencies in town, but the Alturas Rice mill in Barangay Mahayag has its own private security from one of the security and detective agencies in Tagbilaran City.

The PNP in San Miguel has total police force of only 16, serving a total population of more or less 23,695. This would show a policeman/population ratio of 1:1,480 which is below par the standard police to population ratio of at least 1:500. The Barangay Tanods on the other hand had total 222 for the whole municipality, but varies in force in every barangay.


Sports activities commonly enjoined by the people in San Miguel are Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball. Every barangay has at least 300 to 600 square meters allocated for basketball court as it is the favorite pastime of the youths and the middle-aged people in town. An inter-barangays sport festival is usually held once or twice a year in the town.

Cockfighting is also considered as one of the most loved pastime by older people in the municipality.


Generally, San Miguel is clean and free from air, water and noise pollution because of its rural atmosphere with no existing heavy manufacturing industries at present. The environment has cool and fresh air since it is blessed with natural resources like forests, mountains, hills and rivers with vast agricultural lands. It has two (2) river basins which supply surface water to the municipality, namely: Ipil River Basin and the Inabanga River Basin (which is part of Inabanga Watershed per Presidential Proclamation No. 468)

Tree Planting which had been a perennial activity of the LGU ever since the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos to the present, has contributed much in keeping environment healthy. Aside from replacing those which are illegally cut-off, reports from the barangay level would show a minimized cases of soil erosion and soil landslide occurrence since all denuded and critical areas are now covered by second growth forest trees.

As to cemeteries, the town has a total of 3, namely: the Catholic Cemetery – 1 hectare, the Municipal Cemetery – .1 of a hectare and the Protestant or UCCP Cemetery – .2 of hectares.