A. Road & Bridges

The municipality of San Miguel has a total road length of 90.38% kms. Broken down as follows: National – 10 kms., Provincial – 23 kms., Municipal – 7.91 kms., Barangay – 49.47%  kms. And Private – undetermined.

B. Water

A. Urban Area

Water system in the Urban Area (Poblacion) had improved a lot ever since the Central Visayas Water And Sanitation Project (CWSP), a Philippine-Australian Joint Project had constructed a Level II Water System which is now expanding to Level III.

As of 1999, not of the 3,640 total Municipal Households, only 386 belong to the urban area (Poblacion). Of the 386 households in the urban area, only 239 households or 61.91% are served by the level Water System (6 shallow wells and 2 deep wells). About 120 (31.09%) households have level II Water System is a submersible pump with a capacity of 14 gallons per minute and is distributed through a piping system from a water tank.

B. Rural Areas

In the rural area, there are 216 sources of level I Water System, of which, 197 shallow wells and 19 area deep wells. Approximately, only 3,178 households or 97.69% of the 3,253 total households in the rural areas are served by the level I Water System. About 75 households or 2.31% are rain fed and river fed.

Barangay Corazon and San Jose have also an existing Level II Water System funded under BIARSP and CIDDS Programs.

C. Power

The whole planning area of San Miguel is energized by the Bohol Electric Cooperative II (BOHECO II).

A large number of consumer are in the urban areas. This is followed by barangay Mahayag (a Sub-growth center) and Cagawasan.