General Information

Municipal Mayor Hon. Claudio C. Bonior
Class Municipality 4th
Congressional District 2nd
Congressman Hon. Roberto Cajes
Location Northeastern part of Bohol
Distance from Tagbilaran City 86 kms. (3 hours by bus)
Land Area 10,404.4335 hectares
Total No. of Barangays 18
Main Source of Livelihood Farming
Topography 65% flat & 35% rolling terrain
Soil Ubay Sandy Loam
Geology Carmen Rock Formation
Total Population (Census 2007) 22,199
Total No. of Households 4,440
Population Growth Rate 2.1%
Average Size of Households 6
Population Density 228 person per square kilometer
Religion Roman Catholic (88.52% of HH

The Municipal Seal-The Municipality’s Corporate Seal Registered with the Department of the Local and Interior Government.


The Symbols:

  1. The winged bolo which dominates the center of the seal, depict the origin of the name of the Municipality, which is the Patron Saint of the town Saint Michael the Archangel.
  1. The eighteen (18) feathers of the wings, nine (9) in the right and nine (9) in the left represents the eighteen (18) barangays of the municipality of San Miguel, bohol.
  1. The colors Blue and Red of the background symbolize the Philippine Flag and the enduring loyalty of the people of the state.
  1. The green upper background represents the agriculturally based economy of the Municipality.
  1. The golden grains represents it principal product and the bearer forming graceful are express the aspirations of the people for peace and prosperity under professionalized democratic system of governance.

The Municipal flag

(Originator: Mr. Pedro Naval)
(Improved: Mr. Ric Ramasola)



  1. A Flag shall be adopted for the Municipality of San Miguel, Bohol with inscription of twin wings.
  2. The eighteen (18) stars surrounding the circle in the center of the Municipal flag represents the eighteen (18) barangays of the Municipality of San Miguel, Bohol.
  3. The green color found in the circle depicts that our town are dominantly agricultural and the palay stalk with golden grains demonstrates that rice production in the main source of livelihood of its inhabitants.
  4. In the center of the circle are two hands in the gestures of a hand shake, which shows the unanimity of the church and the government in improving the culture and spiritual values of the people of the Municipality of San Miguel, Bohol.
  5. The sword and twin wings behind the two hands symbolize the blessing of the Patron Saint, Saint Michael the Archangel who intercedes us with the Almighty God.
  6. The Municipal Flag shall be displayed at all times in the Municipal Hall, Barangay Halls, and Schools within the territorial jurisdiction of the Municipality of San Miguel, Bohol from Monday to Friday.


Palay or Orayza Sativa (Municipal Plant) – as depicted in the Municipal Seal, the golden grains represent the product of the Municipality, it symbolizes the richness of the municipality’s heritage and culture.


Bougainvillea (Municipal flower) – symbolizes the friendliness, hospitality and dynamism of the San Miguelnon.


Tamsi or Olice-blacked Sunbird (Municipal Bird) – which stands for cooperations, freedom, unity and courage.