Environmental Management

Generally, San Miguel is clean and free from air, water and noise pollution because of its rural atmosphere with no existing heavy manufacturing industries at present. The environment has cool and fresh air since it is blessed with natural resources like forests, mountains, hills and rivers with vast agricultural lands. It has two (2) river basins which supply surface water to the municipality, namely: Ipil River Basin and the Inabanga River Basin (which is part of Inabanga Watershed per Presidential Proclamation No. 468)

Tree Planting which had been a perennial activity of the LGU ever since the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos to the present, has contributed much in keeping environment healthy. Aside from replacing those which are illegally cut-off, reports from the barangay level would show a minimized cases of soil erosion and soil landslide occurrence since all denuded and critical areas are now covered by second growth forest trees.

As to cemeteries, the town has a total of 3, namely: the Catholic Cemetery – 1 hectare, the Municipal Cemetery – .1 of a hectare and the Protestant or UCCP Cemetery – .2 of hectares.