A. Crop Production

San Miguel has a total of approximately 9,078.6835 hectares of Agricultural Land or 87.26% of the 10,404.4335 total Municipal Land Area. Of which, 5,590 hectares or 61.57% is productive Agricultural Land While 3,842.7391 hectares or 42.33% are Marginal Land.

Productive Agricultural Areas are cultivated to the following crops, viz:

Rice              –   2,500 hectares;             Fruit Trees        –           350 hectares;

Coconut        –   2,000 hectares; Peanut              –          80 hectares;

Corn              –   400 hectares;               Root crops         –           75 hectares;

Cassava        –    500 hectares;               Sweet Potato     –           70 hectares;

Banana         –    400 hectares;               Pineapple          –           50 hectares;

Mango           –    100 hectares;

Although farming is the major livelihood of more or less 85% of the municipal population in San Miguel due its vast agricultural land. Still, the living condition of more or less 75% of the farmers remains below poverty line due to the following constraint:

a.) High Cost of Farm Inputs;

b.) Lack of Post Harvest Facilities;

c.) Lack of Capital;

d.) Lack of Lending Institutions and

e.) Unfinished irrigation Canals.

CEREAL PRODUCTION (rice and corn)     – 6,604,000 kgs or 6,604 MT

CEREAL REQUIREMENT                            – 2,356,000 Kgs or 2,356 MT

SURPLUS CEREAL PRODUCTION               – 4,248,000 Kgs or 4,248 MT


Livestock and Poultry Production in the planning area of San Miguel are approximately 20,500 heads as of 1999. Farmers in the rural areas usually have castles and carabaos as farm work animals which are also sold during emergency cases or pay tuition fees and bills etc. Goats and swine are also raised not only in the rural but also in Poblacion, usually at backyards.  There is no large- scale livestock and poultry production in the municipality.

C. Fishing

Since the Municipality of San Miguel is an interior town, supply of fish comes from the Municipality of Talibon and Ubay. However, the LGU in coordination with the Department of Agriculture have establish Small Impounding Reservoir in all of its 18 barangays where resident can avail of Tilapia’s, etc.. The estimated average volume of catch per Small Impounding Reservoirs is at 20 kilos per barangay.

D. Forestry

The Land Classified Map of San Miguel would show that the municipality has a total of 799.87 hectares of Timberlands Areas. These constitute 7.69% of the 10,404.4335 hectares total municipal land area. These are located in the Barangay Caluasan, Tomoc and Kagawasan. On the other land, Alienable and disposable land total 9,604.5635 hectares or 92.31%.